Seminar on Lighting and Lighting Control

A seminar on “Lighting and Lighting Control” was organised by SmartBuilding on September 26, 2017. The seminar was held in Rogner Hotel Tirana and its main aim was to present the lighting solutions offered by Delta Light and latest Lighting Control Solutions offered by Lutron Electronics. Delta Light is a market leader and trendsetter in architectural lighting while Lutron is a leader in the lighting control industry. There were present more than 30 architects from some of the most well-known studios in Tirana. Thanks to the speakers Anne Dupont, Area Manager, International Sales from Delta Light and Frank Hess, Regional Sales Manager Central & Eastern Europe, at Lutron Electronics Inc, the seminar resulted very interesting to the participants. The seminar was concluded with a business lunch, a good opportunity for networking and business cards exchanging. Special thanks from SmartBuilding to all the participants who honored this activity with their presence!


New offices and demo room

As of May 2017, Smartbuilding comes with a new representative office and a demo room, in Rogner Hotel Tirana. SmartBuilding chooses this location as a very well-known and easy accessible one. The representative office is opened as a meeting point with architects and their customers. The demo room allows the visitors to see, touch and use the control systems offered by SmartBuilding, like Lutron Lighting and Shades Control, or signature products of Delta Light. We, as SmartBuilding, want our customers to be fully aware of what they are buying.

The new premises are in line with SmartBuilding strategy of taking care of the customer with superior products and services.










Products that make your lives Smarter…

Smart Building is the company that has brought for the first time in Albania world’s biggest manufacturers of the technological products in categories of: home automation, lighting, audio-video, security, energy conservation, climate control etc…

Smartbuilding offers products for the Albanian market by well-known brands like: Lutron, Delta-Light, Wyrestorm, Sonance, Integra, RTI, Coolmaster, Nuvo…


Collaboration with well-known brands

What makes SmartBuilding even more successful is its collaborators. Smartbuilding cooperates with brand names in technological field like: RTI, Lutron, Luxul, Integra, Honeywell, Sonance, Wyrestorm, NuVo, Cool Automation, Delta-Light, well-known brands that have many years of experience and knowledge in products they produce.

residential lutron 3

Feel safe & comfort with technology…

People nowadays put their soul in their home, and they have a spiritual connection with the objects and stuff that constitute it.

In the same time they want their home to be safe and in absolute control. With Smartbuilding products you can bring to life strong control systems, high quality audio-video systems,  outstanding lighting as you can save energy and money. With us, you can become one with your sorroundings. You can fullfill your world with music, lighting and movies. We bring you products that create an oasis where your needs are met by high quality and inovation!

Master your technology with electronic control systems! Ask yourself what you need to get done, then let Smart Building to become the link between your will and your world!

What if you could manipulate every aspect of the guest experience with a simple touch?

Hotels & Restaurants strive to offer the finest in service and amenities for their guests. With SmartBuilding products  next level of convenience can be realized. We allow users to have a simple, intuitive interface for control of equipment with little or no training. Access to music, movies, and more can be at the fingertips of customers. Sometimes little details make the difference and make them feel special and pampered and come back to enjoy again your service.